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Get an in depth look at Kotlin coroutines and go from a beginner to an expert. Learn about scope, context, jobs, dispatchers, flow and much more. Practice with 4 example Android apps.

Jetpack is the new library suite from Google. This course gives you a structured and in-depth look at a majority of the libraries in this pack. And you get to practice in a realistic Android application. This course is built in Kotlin.

Clean Architecture is what everyone is talking about in the Android world. SOLID principles are general development principles that every developer needs to know. Learn how to use both these concepts in this course.

Building a scalable and resilient Android app is not easy. This course teaches you the principles behind Android app development and shows you by example how to build one such app.

Jetpack is the new library suite from Google. This course gives you a structured and in-depth look at a majority of the libraries in this pack. And you get to practice in a realistic Android application. This course is built in Java.

There are multiple ways to make money from your apps, and choosing the right one can be difficult. This course discussed the pros and cons of each, and shows you how to implement all of them in a practical Android app.

MVVM, MVP, MVC what do all these terms mean, how do you use them in practice and which is best? This is what this course will teach you, so you can make the correct decision when building your apps.

This course teaches you how to get started building a Twitter like social media app. Together we will build an app from scratch and implement the most common functionality available on Twitter.

How do you get started creating your own chat app? This course is the perfect starting place. We will build a project from scratch and add the most well known functionality similar to WhatsApp.


This course is very informative for beginner - intermediate level developers on coroutine. Thanks to lecturer it definitely deserves the price. There are a lot of examples with new modern architecture usage with clear explanations. If more advanced samples are added to this course, it will be much more valueable.
It was a great course. He gave an excellent lecture about dependency injection and testing in a simple and complete way. I recomend this if you are looking for a intermediate/advanced course about Android using Kotlin.
Andre Lopes
Android developer
Un corso veramente fantastico!!! Ho finalmente capito alcuni concetti in maniera chiara ed esaustiva. Ottimo Docente!!!
Roberto Faelli


Retrofit allows us to easily make remote requests, and with this extensive series of tutorials you’ll quickly pick up the concepts and implement them in your applications.




Glide is an image loading library for Android development. In this tutorial series you will find out how to use it, as well as advanced techniques that will surely come in handy.

Coming soon


Coil for Android

Android Coil is a Coroutine first Image loading library. Fast, lightweight and easy to learn thanks to this in depth tutorial.

Coming soon


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